Directory of Accredited Laboratories

This directory was last updated on May 23, 2015. New and updated scopes of accreditation are posted weekly. Users of this directory who are considering selection of an accredited laboratory should be aware of the effective dates of the accreditation and verify that the laboratory has retained its accreditation at the time its services are to be provided.

Testing labs only: If a laboratory's accreditation is due to expire soon and the laboratory has already renewed its accreditation for the coming year, two scopes of accreditation will be displayed in the directory: one for the current accreditation cycle and one for the upcoming accreditation cycle.

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Index of Accredited Labs by Accreditation Program/State

Listed below are all NVLAP Laboratory Accreditation Programs (LAPs). Click on the program name to view an index of laboratories accredited by NVLAP for that program.

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Calibration Laboratories

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