Arizona Public Service Co., Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station

NVLAP Lab Code: 100536-0

Address and Contact Information:

Palo Verde Nuclear
5801 S. Wintersburg Road, Station 6107
Tonopah, AZ 85354-7529
Contact: Mr. Samuel D. Lantz
Phone: 623-393-2797
Fax: 623-393-2624
Send E-Mail to Laboratory: Arizona Public Service Company

NVLAP Accreditation Information

Listed below is the scope of accreditation for this laboratory as of April 18, 2014. For additional information, contact NVLAP at (301) 975-4016.

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Ionizing Radiation Dosimetry

Accreditation Valid From: October 1, 2013 Through: September 30, 2014

This facility has been evaluated and deemed competent to
process the TLD radiation dosimeters listed below through
employing Panasonic automatic reader models UD-710A and

This facility is accredited to process the following
dosimeters by virtue of actual demonstration of compliance
with ANSI HPS N13.11 through testing.

Panasonic TLD model UD-812(AS5) in a I&O Trading Company
single use holder for ANSI-N13.11-2009 categories IA, IIC,

Panasonic TLD combination UD-809(AS) (in UD-885A-T
holder)/UD-812(AS5) in a I&O Trading Company single use
holder for ANSI-N13.11-2001 category VICC.

Merlin Gerin DMC 2000 (electronic dosimeter) for ANSI
N13.11-2009 category IIB.

Merlin Gerin SOR-R-006 (electronic dosimeter) for ANSI
N13.11-2009 category IIB.
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